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Training industry is all about adding value to someone’s life and give them such guidance that elevates them in their personal and professional lives.  But, let me ask you this question, “How can I add value to someone’s life when my own life is monotonous, colourless and dead”?

Imagine a 17 year young boy entering this profession as an alien. Don’t you agree that it would have taken a huge amount of toil, intent, dedication and strong will to sustain in the industry for over a decade?

That is what has made Ajay altogether a master trainer for any audience. His life story is an inspiration in itself. You will laugh, you will cry and most importantly you will learn incredibly in his programs.

Ajay is a very special trainer. Every program of his is designed both emotionally and scientifically and ensure that you meet much needed growth in all segments of your life. Ajay considers his life to be his best teacher and that is exactly from where his programs have taken birth. He proudly calls himself a trainer who is certified by Life.

Here are some key deliverables of his programs:

1) Help an individual to generate authentic self love in abundance. Once a person knows the real meaning of self love, all complaints, criticism, blames vanishes from his life and he only grows.

2) 100 percent attention on each and every individual ensuring that everybody learns and grows.

3) Are only performance based. There are no power point presentations used. A projector is used only to show videos in his motivational programs.

4) Provides motivational support to any candidate whenever needed.

5)Are inspired from real life learning’s which helps the audience to connect immediately.

6) Help an individual not only to learn but also provide opportunities to implement the valuable learning.

7) Announce a champion of the batch in every workshop that helps in having a healthy competition amongst the training group. It also motivates the participants to give their best.

8) Trains people to live in the most valuable gift in human’s life- PRESENT.

9) Are fun filled, jovial, entertaining and most importantly- Filled with learning’s.