1) Is Spoken English a major concern in your life?
2) Do you fall short of words when you try to speak In English?
3) Do you fumble and feel hesitant when you speak in English?
4) Are you bored of attending Grammar classes and still lack in speaking English?
5) Do you feel low or demotivated because of your lacking in this wonderful language?

If your answer is Yes to any of the above questions, then BET is the course for you. BET, is designed by legendary trainer Ajay Sharma who found himself in a lot of troubles due to his inefficiency in this language. BET is such a wonderful course that it promises you to grow you every moment in spoken English. We hardly focus on grammar lessons and help you in speaking this language from day one. Ajay, who has also authored a book titled, “Confabulute In English” believes that a person can be better in English only by speaking it and that what BET does to you. It has such wonderful techniques that every student attending this course feels in heaven. This course can be attended by anyone who is looking to grow his spoken English efficiency.