Ajay Sharma

About AJ

Just 17 years of age, coming from a simple family and zero knowledge of training industry, that is exactly how Ajay initiated his professional career as an English language trainer way back in 2005. Self dependency was his only objective that pulled him in this profession. But, he soon realized that this profession has tremendous abilities to add value to somebody’s life. All thanks to one of his trainees (working as a waiter in a restaurant) who started delivering spoken English sessions after his robust training. Getting serious in this thought of changing lives, Ajay elevated tremendously by working tirelessly on all the skills that were vital to be an effective trainer. He has rubbed his shoulders with some titans of this industry that has raised his level prodigiously.

Born on 9th February 1988, he has lead around 3000 sessions, workshops and seminars in which he has trained around 60,000 individuals who have observed incredible changes in their personal and professional lives. He has inimitable style and command, peppered with his constantly updated knowledge on life skills, relationship management and life balancing. With his matchless style, he holds his audience for hours. He has exclusively designed more than 10 programs that have been benefiting people in all fronts. His three available books are the epitome of his passion for writing.